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Carol Brown Bio


Carol Brown is a three-time Emmy Award winner and seven-time Emmy Award nominee in the field of makeup artistry. She is also an experienced inspirational speaker and lecturer. Most recently, she is the author of the award-winning book: Natural to Knockout Make up, Beauty, and You.  Her extensive workbook illuminates and demonstrates core concepts and strategies in the ideal applications of straight corrective makeup through techniques and application, and basic facial anatomy while advancing the foundational principles that all actors and actresses maintain their individual characteristics.

 Early on, Carol recognized that to be a successful professional makeup artist and aesthetic consultant would require experience and expertise with many different skin types and tones.  So, she studied abroad in many countries to familiarize herself and get more knowledge of racial and cultural differences of people worldwide.




1. How to be a professional makeup artist on a film set. 

2. Preproduction, Script, call sheet chain of command etc. set etiquette

3. Makeup and professional equipment for immediate required changes