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With over 25 years of experience ranging from multimedia production and business management to music marketing and educational development, Irin "Iroc" Daniels is always looking to push the boundaries of creative expression while ensuring the highest quality results in every venture he embarks on. Founded in 1998, Daniel’s record label, Iroc Records, propelled Daniel’s music career, garnering him attention from industry mainstays such as Interscope and Sony Records.


Years of experience in the music industry coupled with his self-made approach towards his career made way for Daniels to share his knowledge as an instructor in the music department at Phoenix Community College as well as the media arts department at Collins College. As an educator, Daniels provided tutorials, mentoring and music production education for aspiring music students looking to reach new heights. Daniels took advantage of his time as instructor to also learn the ins and outs of film and video production.   Eventually, this would lead to Daniels forming Marmera Creative in 2009. The multimedia production house provides a wide range of services that include music production and film development. Marmera Creative is set to follow up with “The System” in 2017.


This is only the beginning for Daniels, with a new feature film in the works as well as a new album; he only hopes to continue to push his brand of hard work and high quality to the masses. Headstrong and resourceful, it is almost certain the name Irin Daniels will become a household one in due time. 



Workshop Topics:


  • Making a good film on a low budget

  • What equipment should I use? Renting Filming-Making equipment vs buying?

  • How to get started (i.e. pre-production, post-production tips and script writing)

  • Putting together a good Film Making Crew and Directing Actors